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      1. Return Process - ICSTREET Chip Mall

        Welcome to ICSTREET Chip Mall | Register

        Return Process

        1. After-sales service acceptance conditions

        1). Due to the actual number of goods receipt, the model does not match, product quality problems need to return customers, within two weeks after receipt can be returned to apply, overdue will not be accepted.

        2). Returns the goods, please be sure to retain the integrity of the original packaging (including packaging, filling the inside) and to ensure that the goods label intact, the goods label is ICSTREET Chip Mall coordination with the supplier return the only credential, if lost, Can not be returned.

        3). If the application for product quality returns, customers need to provide a detailed English version of the performance test report as ICSTREET Chip Mall consultation with the supplier basis. If necessary, the need to provide both sides approved third-party English test report.

        4) The order has been issued invoice after the return of the application, the need to return the invoice.

        2. After-sales service is not accepted

        1). The original packaging of the product and the label of the goods are missing.

        2) Products that have been used / tested on the machine.

        3). Receipt time is more than two weeks (subject to courier sign date).

        4). The invoice has been lost.

        5). The customer caused by their own misplaced wrong set.

        3. Submit the aftermarket

        1) Users can search the order number or product model in the [Member Center] - [My Order] page, search for the order has been completed after the purchase of orders, click on "apply for sale", as shown in Figure:

        2) into the sale details page, according to the prompts to complete the fill, save can, ICSTREET Chip Mall customer service staff will contact you and communicate with the timely processing.

        4. After-sales service processing time

        After the user submits the after-sales application, ICSTREET Chip Mall will receive and feedback within two business days.

        Product Index :

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